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Chameleon has the longest tongue.

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Q: This reptile whose tongue is twice the size of its body?
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How long does a chameleons tongue shoot out?

A chameleons tongue can shoot out over twice as long as it's body length.

Which animals tongue is twice the length of its body?

No thing has a tongue the same length as its body. chameleons

How long is lickitung tongue?

it is about 3 feet at least -- According to the series, it is twice the length of its body.

What is an exampl of an ectotherm?

Any animal whose body temperature is regulated by it's environment (reptile, some fish, etc.)

Is it bad to get your tongue pierced twice?

Multiple tongue piercings are not uncommon however the swelling and discomfort from one is generally annoying enough. Most professional body piercers will not pierce a tongue twice in one sitting due to potential risks from excessive swelling cutting off the airway.

It can move its eyes into two directions at the same time its tongue is also twice the lenght of iots body?


How long is a chameleon's tongue?

The chameleon's tongue can be as long as its body. The size of the chameleon can vary from 1 to 31 inches. The largest chameleon is the Malagasy Giant Chameleon, whose tongue is normally as big as it, almost 3 feet.

Who is Echidna in Greek mythology?

An Echidna is a monstrous snake women with a human head and a snake-like body. It has a forked-tongue, vicious fangs, scaly skin and the eyes of a reptile.

What type of body does a reptile have?

a body full of scales.

Strongest muscle in the body is?

yes the tongue is the strongest muscle is the tongue

What are two functions of a reptile's scaly skin?

To absorb heat and for protection.IMPROVED ANSWER:The scaly skin of a reptile protects the reptile, and helps keep water inside the reptile's body.

What is a reptile that crawls on its belly?

A snake slithers on its body so it is included as a reptile that crawls on its belie.