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An endangered species should be protected until they are no longer endangered. This means that the population should be stable and able to support itself.

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Q: To what extent should endangered species be protected?
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Should endangered species be protected?

By all means, YES.

Who are people who hunt endangered animals illegally?

They are called poachers, and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

What is conclusion of endangered species?

ConclusionThe product of your research and article helps you to see what an endangered species is. Your research also should have lead you to some of the causes for these species becoming endangered. You have discovered that some of the reasons species are endangered is because of humans and what we have done to the environment. You have taken your base knowledge and applied it to researching a particular species. You have found out about the habitat, where your animal is located in the food web, and where it lives. You have also found out about the organizations that are helping your animal and how they are doing this. With all this new informaiton you have gathered, think about what you are doing to help out endangered species. Next time you should recycle, or reuse, maybe you will remember this project and make the right decision.

Why is it important to protect endangered species?

so that we wilol have animals in the future so that the next generation can see qhat we saw when we were alive It's important so that we will still have animals that we would need for the next generation such as cows and pigs. We would need them for the next generaton for food like steak, meat, and bacon.

Why protect the mink?

I think we should protect the Mink because it is one of the worlds endangered species and if u have an animal and it was endangered would u want people to kill it or would u want to save it?

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Why fish shouldn't be on the endangered species list?

Endangered fish should be protected and placed on the Endangered Species list.

Should endangered species be protected?

By all means, YES.

Are orcas in danger of being on the endangered species list?

No, they are protected, but that does not mean we should not be careful.

Why are Florida panthers hunted?

Florida panthers (Puma concolor y cori) are an endangered (therefore protected) species and should not be hunted.

Should endangered organisms be protected?

Yes they should be

Why should endangered species not be protected?

Well first of all we need real fur coats. Fake fur isn't cutting it. And we need it for a food source. And bones from certain animals in the far east make you strong, fast or smart. And we need room to build houses. Without the animals we won't be destroying habitat. (But i think endangered species should be protected!!!!!)

Why should you destroy endangered tree species?

You Shouldn't! There is no reason to destroy endangered tree species. You shouldn't destroy endangered tree species.

Why should you protect the gray wolf?

The gray wolf should be protected because it is an apex predator, and helps nature stay in a balance. Happily, this animal is currently not an endangered species.

Why should Tortoises be protected?

Because they are almost endangered!!

Why should the blue whale be protected?

they are an endangered speices

Why do you care if ocelots are endangared?

We should strive to protect endangered species, but the ocelot is not endangered.

Why should you help endangered species?

to save the world