WHAT IS A INcerse?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A bad bad dudy mouth word A bad bad dudy mouth word

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Q: WHAT IS A INcerse?
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How do you incerse the gravity?

If you went to the bottom of the ocean, or to Saturn or Jupiter the gravity would increase.

How do solve Economic Problem?

analysis past data and formulat new ideas like incerse gdp and growing small business.

How do you solve economic problem?

analysis past data and formulat new ideas like incerse gdp and growing small business.

Where can you fing pp ups in Pokemon platinum?

yes. Outside of the Pokeathlon Dome, in the far right corner at the athlete shop you can buy PP Ups for 1000 points each (only on Tuesdays and Thursdays). to earn points, just compete in Pokeathlon events.

What are four facts about the body?

I'll give Five instead of 4. 1st fact: You're heart... it's used for beating if you run very fast or hard. You're speed will also incerse. 2nd fact: You're brain... it's used for thinking hard, or use it for practice spell, or and that. Note: You can eat you're brain unless you get a knife and cut it, then take it out then put it in you're mouth. (Never do this stupid idea.) 3rd fact: You're eyes... it's used for looking at amails, maybe cureaters, stores, scary things, computer typing, etc. And you have 2 eyes not 4 eyes, aliens have 4 eyes. (Maybe like Cartoons, not real life.) 4th fact: You're feet... it's used for walking, or that jodging, running, foot stepping (May be same as walking). 5th fact: You're hands... it's used for touching stuff, for some/or a lot of examples: Store doors, carts, paint brush, trees, branches, snow, computers, laptops, pets, you, you're body parts, you're other hand, art work (Maybe not art work), and the couch.

What are four facts about the body's organ systems?

The left side of the brain controls right of body and vice versa. The brain uses over a quarter of oxygen at the human body. The heart beats around 100,000 times in a single day and every year it beats around 36,500,000 times. Red blood cells carry oxygen around the body. The parts of the human body are very valuable. For instance the body has over 300 joints, eye has more than 2.5 million cameras, and the heart does the work of a room full of machines etc. The science today has found answers to functioning of most organs. But there are so many things the science still has not found about the human body. The smallest bone in the body is in your ear. Your ears help you balance. Your toe nails grow twice as slow as your finger nails. The heart has enough pressure to pump out blood 2 metres high in the air. The toungue is the strongest muscle.