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Wolf spider by some chance?

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Q: What Kansas spider is grey with black and white striped legs?
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Black and white striped spider?

The Zebra spider, Salticus scenicus, is known as such because of its black and white striped body. It is a common jumping spider.

What kind of spider has clear arms and black and white striped butt?

I think its a white tail :D

What is an example of a black-bodied white-striped spider?

A zebra spider is an example of a black-bodied, white-striped spider.Specifically, the arachnid in question carries the scientific name Salticus scenicus. The binomial name means "theatrical jumper." The spider will be found in Europe, Great Britain, and North America.

What spider is black with white stripes on its back?

Black Widdow Spider PS:I am A student in the 6th grade

What spider in South Carolina has green legs black and white striped back with orange abdomen?

Could be the Green Lynx Spider

What is a black spider with white striped legs and a white spot on its back about 12 inch diameter?

bold jumper spiderI believe you meant 1/2 inch...or the Daring Jumping Spider...

What kind of spider lives in Northern Indiana and has a brown abdomen with white spots and black and white striped legs?

From what I have been told, this sounds like an Orb Spider...which is in the Widow Family and is extremely venomous.

What kind of spider has white striped legs with green dots on body?

your face spider

Striped legs with white sword shape on back?

A golden orb weaver spider has striped legs and a white sword shape on its back. This spider is found in most of the United States.

Are black and white striped spiders in Northern Michigan poisonous?

No. I live in Michigan and its most likely a jumping (Zebra) spider or a parsons spider. The only two poisonous spiders we have to worry about are the Northern Black Widow and the (rare) Brown Recluse.

What is a spider with 4 white dots on its back and striped legs?

The correct answer is an Orb-Weaving Spider of the genus Araneidae.

What lizard has a black white striped tail?

Zebra striped tail lizard