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Q: What animal does not have nerve or muscle tissue and is neither diploblastic or triploblastci?
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Is muscle a cell or an organ?

A muscle is neither a cell nor a organ, it is a muscle

In Animal Farm who is the muscle of the corps?

The muscle in Animal Farm is Boxer.

Is Sketel Muscle an plant cell or a animal cell?

A skeletal muscle is an animal cell.

What is muscle length?

muscle length is the length of an animal or humans muscle

What muscle flexes the elbow but neither originates nor inserts on the humerus?

The biceps brachii muscle.

What is the size of a muscle cell in a animal cell?

Muscle cells are actually a type of animal cell and thus aren't an organelle. If you were wondering how large a muscle cell is, a muscle cell is about as big as a general animal cell, but are a little larger. I hope this helps you.

What types of cells contracts to move an animal?

muscle cells...

Would you expect to find a muscle in a plant?

no. muscle is animal tissue

What is the most abundant kind of tissue in an animal such as a gorilla?


Is the hamstring a cardiac or smooth muscle?

The hamstring is neither! It's categorized as a striated muscle, whereas the heart is the only cardiac muscle and the stomach is the prime example of a smooth muscle.

What are Poriferans?

"Poriferans" is the scientific term for sponges, members of the animal phylum Porifera, which means "pore-bearer" in Greek. Sponges are the simplest animals known. Unlike all other animal phyla, which have two or three-layered body plans (diploblastic or triploblastic), sponges have only a single body layer (monoblastic), and no true tissues. They have no appendages and no ability to make any movements, lacking muscle tissues. Sponges are exclusively aquatic.

Can a muscle strain or spasm result in a bruise?

Yes it can if the muscle fibres are ruptured