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The mustang is not a separate species to any other horse, it is still Equus caballus. Here is the full taxonomy:


Kingdom: Animalia

Subkingdom: Metazoa

Phylum: Chordata

Subphylum: Vertebrata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Eutheria

Family: Equidae

Genus: Equus

Species: Caballus A breakdown:

Biota - everything that is alive.

Kingdom Animalia - Removes plants and single-celled organisms from the picture.

Subkingdom Metazoa - Animals with a digestive tract.

Phylum Chordata - Animals with a neural tube.

Subphylum Vertebrata - Vertebrate animals (animals with a backbone).

Class Mammalia - mammals (warm-blooded animals that produce milk to feed their young).

Order Eutheria - placental mammals (give birth to live, fully-formed young. Support young in utero with a placenta).

Family Equidae - immediate family of horses.

Genus Equus - includes horses, donkeys, asses, zebras etc.

Species Caballus - the domestic horse.

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Q: What animal group does the mustang horse belong to?
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horses dont migrate doy

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a mustang is a type of horse look it up in with these words:pictures of a mustang (horse)

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