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One that hunts other animals as prey is a predator. This can also include insects although an animal that eats nothing but insects is called an "insectivore."

Some animals such as bears eat meat and fish, insects and plants (berries, nuts). They are known as "omnivores." A "carnivore" is an animal that eats only the meats of other animals.


Carnivores: Lions, tigers, sharks, hawks (Birds of Prey, in general), etc.

Herbivores: Deer, horses, sheep, goats, etc.

Omnivores: Bears, hyenas, dingos, humans, etc.

Insectivores: Anteaters, many birds

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most any animal can be hunted by other animals or by hunters

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An animal hunted by another animal is called a prey. An example of a prey is a deer to a wolf. The deer is the prey while the wolf is the predator.

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For their meat, so we can eat it, and so we can live!

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Q: What are animals that hunt other animals for food?
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How do foxes get food?

They hunt for other animals.

How do animals gets their food?

some animals have to hunt for their food and on the other hand they have to be eaten to make other animals food

How to animals get their own food?

Only animals that live in the wild hunt for their own food. They prey on other animals.

How does a tigers get it food?

Tigers are predators: they hunt other animals for food. Tigers are carnivores who hunt their prey, typically killing it by biting its neck.

Do all animals hunt for food?

No most predators hunt for food, but non-predatory animals do not hunt.

How do animals respond to the day-and-night pattern?

some animals hunt food and others sleep. other animals hunt at night and sleep in the DAY

How do black panthers get their food?

Black panthers are predators and they hunt other animals for food

Do animals hunt?

Most carnivorous (meat-eating) animals hunt. Other carnivores will wait for food to come to them (for example, spiders).

How animals get their food in arboreal animals?

They hunt and/ or forage. Just like any other animal.

Does a white lion hunt for its food?

yes of course!! as other animals, white lions also need food to live. so they hunt for food.

How do grizzly bears get food?

They will hunt, forage, scavenge, and even rob other animals for food.

How does the lynx find its food?

They hunt for their food.By tracking and hunting other animals.