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Calico cats are cats who have more than 3 colors......Often girl cats.
They are almost always female, if your lucky enough to have a male, they are usually sterile.

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Q: What are facts about a calico cat?
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What breed of calico cat has no white?

a calico cat is defined by its white. if it has no white, it is not a calico but a tortiseshell.

How can you tell if a cat is calico or not?

You can tell if its calico or not because a calico cat is a cat with only these three colors on it. ( Orange, Black, and White.)

Is there a miniature calico cat?

No, there is no such thing as a miniature calico cat. Calico cats are not actually a breed, calico describes their color.

What is the percentage of how rare a male calico cat is?

It is said that for every 3,000 calico cat, the percentage of how rare a male calico cat is is .03%.

Can any color cat be a calico cat or is there certain colors?

A calico cat is a cat that is white, orange, and black. "Calico" is the term that describes a cat with these colours; it is not a breed name. Cats with the calico colouring can be many different breeds.

How tall is a calico cat?

A calico is a coat colour, not a breed. A cat with a calico coat can be a variety of shapes and sizes.

Is a calico cat its own breed?

No. A calico cat is a coat colour, not a breed.

Where are Calico cats from?

Calico cats come from many generations of different breeds of cat, as Calico is a certain colour, not a type of cat.

Can a calico cat have a calico kitten?

It is possible for a calico cat to have a calico kitten. It is likely that it may have different coloured kittens as the kittens father usually another colour.

How do you know if your cat is a calico?

If your cat is a female and she has 2 or more solid colors in her coat she is a calico.

Can a calico cat be female?

Calico cats are predominantly female.

Can a orange and white cat be a calico cat?


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