What are facts about the great auk?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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It was a large flightless bird, now extinct. See link for image and the sad story of their extinction at the hands of mankind.

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they are 75 - 85 centimeters tall and weigh 5 kilograms

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Q: What are facts about the great auk?
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Are there any animals that resemble a great auk?

A penguin is the animal that closest resembles a great auk.

Where do auk birds live?

I believe the Great auk your reffering to is extinct.

Did great auk fly?

The Great Auk (Pinguinus impennis) was a flightlessbird, now extinct.

Is another name for a double eagle in golf an auk?

Answeryes the great auk is extinct

What is the great auk enemies?

cheese and chuck norris

Why is the great auk already extinct?

The Great Auk became extinct mainly due to loss of habitats, usually die to human activities. (see the related link below)

What Newfoundland Island was once home to the great auk?

Funk Island

How were great auk helpful to human beings?

may be it can killed by humans

How do penguins gets their names?

The 'great auk,' a flightless bird which is now extinct, was originally called 'penguin.' When explorers reached Antarctica, they were reminded of the great auk and transferred the name upon them. Therefore, the early penguins are now known as the great auk and the similar flightless birds of Antarctica are known as penguins. The derivative of the word 'penguin' is unknown.

What is a sentence with the word auk?

An auk is a diving bird. Here are some sentences.An auk looks a bit like a penguin.The auk is a diving bird.We saw an auk swimming past.

When was The Auk created?

The Auk was created in 1884.

What do great auk dodo and plains grizzly bear have in common?

They're both extinct!