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Many animals are very talented. Elephants have been used in circus acts. Horses have been trained to help people with special needs. Siamese cats were once known to be very good at protecting your home from burglars. There have been many seals/sealions that could be trained to perform tricks for an audience. The same goes for dolphins. Dogs however, have been known to do a great many things. Helping blind people, rescuing someone who is drowning, track down lost people, answering a ringing telephone if a person is unconscious and in need of help, (in snowy places) pulling sleighs, even just being a good friend to a person is something to be admired in an animal. I'm sure that every single animal in existence has at least one talent.

---- hi I'm diff. from the one above....but everyone has a diff. suggestion....but for me one answer: DOGS! they can act, think, good in helping the blind, tracking down scent, MAN'S BEST FRIEND!

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Q: What are most talented animals?
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