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They are of a gregarious nature...meaning they love to be with the herd, they are herbivores. Sheep must have a leader (shepherd) and must be told what to do and where to go, other wise they'll wander off and get lost.

Characteristics of Sheep 1. timid, fearful, easily panicked 2. dumb stupid, gullible 3. very vulnerable to fear, frustration, pests, hunger 4. easily influenced by a leader, by the shepherd 5. stampede easily, vulnerable to mob psychology 6. little or no means of self-defense; can only run 7. easily killed by enemies 8. the shepherd is most effective, calming influence 9. jealous, competitive for dominance 10. constantly need fresh water, fresh pasture 11. have very little discernment in choosing food or water 12. best water source is early morning dew 13. perverse, stubborn - will insist on their own way , even eating poisonous plants or drinking dirty water 14. easily "cast" - flipped over on their back, unable to right themselves will die of starvation if not turned over by shepherd; helpless 15. frequently look for easy places to rest 16. don't like to be sheared, cleaned 17. too much wool can cause sheep to be easily "cast" 18. creatures of habit; get into "ruts" 19. need the most care of all livestock 20. need to be "on the move"; need a pre-determined plan, pattern of grazing 21. totally dependent of shepherd for every need 22. need "rod and staff" guidance

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Q: What are some characteristics of sheep?
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What are some characteristics of black sheep?

They have hooves, they are mammals, they are black.

What are the characteristics of the Corriedale sheep?

they have huge horns and typically reside in Antarctica and their characteristics are they are sheep

Do some alien races have have artiodactyl characteristics?

If aliens exist, some alien races could possibly have artiodactyl characteristics, such as pigs, sheep, deer, cattle, etc.

The similarity of the characteristics of sheep and reindeer is due to their having a?

The similarity of the characteristics of sheep and reindeer is due to their having a common ancestor. This sort of phenomenon is called

What are the characteristics of the merino sheep?

Some characteristics of Merino sheep include but are not limited to:They are bred for wool production as opposed to meat productionWool is finely crimped and softHigh foraging abilitiesMature ram will produce up to 39 pounds of woolGenerally are white in colourAre smaller than the average meat producing sheep

What are some Algerian Arab sheep characteristics?

Characteristics of the Algerian Arab sheep includes a weight of 180 lbs. and a height of 33 inches at the withers for an average ram. Ewes are typically 110 lbs. and 29 inches. The rams are horned and ewes are hornless or polled.

How does Australia breed their sheep for meat?

Artificial selection. They select the sheep with the best qualities for meat production and breed him/her to other sheep with similar qualities and characteristics.

How you said sheep in singular?

Sheep is both singular and plural - a sheep, some sheep.

Why are some sheep black and some sheep white?

Why are some people white and some people black? Its genetics.

How do you change sheep to plural?

the word 'sheep' remains the same in singular or plural form, for instance: "there is a sheep" "there are some sheep"

Useful characteristics of sheep?

They provide sheepskin, wool and milk, they manicure lawns beautifully, and they are delicious.

What is the phenomenon called when the similarity of the characteristics of sheep and reindeer is due to their having a common ancestor?


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