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There are many joint supplements available for cats. To name a couple: Cosequin and Dasuguin. These help cats with joint problems. There are also some cat foods that help cats with joint care.

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Q: What are some joint care supplements available for cats?
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Cosequin is a joint health supplement for animals especially horses ,dogs and cats. It is used to assist animals suffering from arthritis and will assist in maintaining cartilage in joints.

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You can also promote joint health and increase your cats' mobility by using supplements. You may wish to use supplements containing Glucosamine, Condroitin, and Omega Three fatty acids to help keep the cartilage well lubricated and moist. They also stimulate the cells of the joints and repair the damage done by the arthritis, and act as a pain reliever to help with the stiffness and discomfort. It may take a month or two before you are able to notice the benefits of these supplements, but they are very safe, and the positive effects that they will have on your cats will be apparent, and help greatly in the long run.

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