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what are some fossil found in the allegheny plateau?

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Q: What are some of the fossils found in the Appalachian Plateau area?
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What is the main industry of the Appalachian plateau?

appalachian plateau plateau and area elevated land which is flat on top in southwest virgina and east of kentucky

What is the Appalachian Plateau?

The Appalachian Plateau is the western part of the Appalachian Mountains, stretching from New York to Georgia and Alabama. The plateau is a second level United States physiographic region.

What is the smallest physiographic area in Georgia?

Appalachian plateau

Which area stretches from New York to Alabama?

Appalachian Plateau

Is the Appalachian Plateau in Georgia?


How many main land regions does Maryland has?

Appalachian Plateau Appalachian Ridge and Valley Blue Ridge Piedmont Atlantic Coastal Plain

What is meant by widespread for fossils?

Fossils that are found over a wide area.

Where is the Piedmont plateau?

The Piedmont Plateau is one of Maryland's three regions. It is in the middle of the Atlantic Coastal Plain and the Appalachian Mountains. Washington D.C. and Annapolis are in that area. Hope I answered your question.

What are some attractions in georgias appalachian plateau?

There are no tourist attractions in the Appalachian region. That area is really and truly boring.

Is west virginias allegheny plateau located east or west or Appalachian mountains?

The Allegheny Plateau is located in an area that stretches from central and western New York through western Pennsylvania, northwestern West Virginia and Eastern Ohio. The Allegheny Plateau in West Virginia is located to the west of the Appalachian Mountains. It is also located to the west of the Allegheny mountains in West Virginia.

How does the biogeography of fossils support evolutionary?

Modern plants and animals resemble fossils found in the same area.

Can fossils of tropical plants be found in deserts?

It is possible and would indicate that at some time in the past the desert area was not a desert.