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1) it possesses water repelling bristles at the tip of their legs with prevents the breaking of surface tension

2)it possesses spiraled for gaseous exchange

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Q: What are the adaptations of the pond skater?
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Can a pond skater swim?

a pond skater cannot swim but can walk on water

Where does a pond skater live?

... by a pond...

Does a pond skater have a shell?


What colour is a pond skater?

the answer is blue

What is the size of a pond skater?

A pond skater is a type of small bug. They may be winged or wingless and are 8-10 mm in length.

What do pond skater eat?

Pond Skater usually small fish, insect ,bird and when they bites people its usually painful

How does pond skater breathe?

by drinking the water

How many legs does a Pond Skater have?


Is the pond skater an endangered animal?

Yes in Boston the are not harmed a bit but the giant pond skater is in danger of being extinct because of habitat paloution.

What is the scientific name for a pond skater?

Pond skater or water striders belong to the Gerridae family, with 500 species. A common European species is Gerris remigis.

What is A Predatory bug that can walk on water?

pond skater

What is the classification on a pond skater?

nathan right leg