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Q: What are the bugs called that make high pitch buzzing noises that fly?
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What are the big orange flying buzzing bugs that fly near flowers called?

They are called Bofbs, a weird made-up name. [in case you misssed it, Big Orange Flying Bugs-BOFB!]

What are the thin black buzzing bugs that fly?

There are many insects that can be described as thin, black buzzing bugs that fly. The most common would be a mosquito, and a house or horse fly.

What are orange flying buzzing bugs called?

There are numerous insects that are orange in color. Most of these are different kinds of butterflies, such as the American Lady Butterfly.

What is a 13 letter word for buzzing bugs that have the letters stowcalljeeyk?


What is that buzzing thing in purrls room on animal crossing wild world?

She has caught bugs and put them in a jar in her room, so that is what the buzzing is.

What are female bugs called?

They are called lady bugs

What are bugs called on the moon?

There is no life, and therefore no bugs, on the moon. So bugs are not called anything on the moon.

People who study bugs are called?

People who study bugs are called entomologists.

What noises do rabbits like?

Rabbits usually like to hear sounds of other bugs because they know where to find them if they are getting louder.

Why are stink bugs called parent bugs?

because there stinky

What is the phobia of stink bugs called?

The fear of bugs is called entomophobia. This can include the fear of bees, but not the fear of spiders, as spiders are not really bugs.

What is the study name of Bugs Called?

Entomology is the study of insects and "bugs."