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Caterpillars are :

* the larval stage of life of a moth or butterfly (insects) which occurs in indirect development, ie change form from one stage to the next. (In insects, the stages are 1: egg, 2: larva, 3: pupa/chrysalis/cocoon, 4: adult).

* vary in size but may measure up to 2-3 inches depending on species and age * are segmented, with a tubular shape, and more then 6 times the number of muscles a human has. * have 6 simple eyes for detecting light (non-directional, not-focusing)

* soft-bodied * many-legged * use antennae to locate food

* most feed on leaves

* varied in color and pattern, some even having spines or pseudo-horns * Serve as protein-rich food for other insects, animals, even humans * species have developed a variety of self-defense mechanisms, such as barbed hairs, toxicity, or the ability to escape on a line of silk.

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Q: What are the characteristics of caterpillar?
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