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An animale that eats everything like meat and vegs.

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Q: What are the examples of the omnivers animals?
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What kinds of animals are omnivers?

Omnivers are animals that eat almost anything , -meat, eggs, berries, leaves, insects etc. Many foxes and bears are typical omnivers.

Is ben10 omnivers a cartoon?


Why are humans classifeid as omnivers?

Humans are classified as omnivores because we eat meat and plants.

What is the class of animals that contains the least examples?

The class of animals that contains the least examples is the family, as it is the lowest level in the classification of animals.

Examples of mutualism in animals?

examples of mutualism in vertebrate

What are examples of animals that has molars?

Elephants are animals which have molars

What animals are examples of rotifera?

rotifers are microscopic aquatic animals. They are commonly found in mosses and lichens. Examples are Philodina and collotheca.

List 5 examples of heterotrouphs?

examples of heterotrouphs are:- animals and humans.

What are examples of nocturnal animals?

an Owl

What are the examples of omnivore animals?


What are the examples of a Arthropods?

they are animals! - LOL

What are examples of bewhiskered animals?