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Q: What are the main characteristics of this biome tiger?
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What type of biome does the white tiger prefer?

The white tigers biome would be the tundra biome.

What are characteristics about arctic biome?


What is a characteristics refers to a Savannah biome but not to a temperate prairie biome?

a fish and not a bear

What is tigers biome?

The tiger's biome varies slightly based on the different continents that it lives on. Most tigers live in a forest biome.

What is the tropical rainforest biome?

A biome is an area on the earth's surface that has a certain set of characteristics.

How do you recognize a biome?

You can recognize a biome based on the features or characteristics present. Weather and vegetation are excellent features of a specific biome.

What are all characteristics of the marine biome?

Many of the plants, animals, and life support the marine biome.

What are the 4 main aspects of a Biome?

The freshwater biome, Desert biome, Marine Bioes, etc..............

What biome do tiger sharks live in?

salt water, and tropical water

What type of biome does the California tiger salamander have?

the temperature rainforest and the grassland

Which biome does a purtian tiger beetle live in?

temperate diciduous forest

What is the unusual characteristics of the tiger?

its the way the tiger comes in to the world