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A cage should be big enough for the pet to stand up in. It should be long enough for the pet to turn around in. The normal size for a guinea pig is a cage that is 2 feet by 2 feet and a foot tall.

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Q: What are the messurements of a big guinea pig's cage?
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Should you get a small cage for your guinea pig or a big cage?

If i were you i would get a big cage so the guinea pig can run around Good luck with your piggie I have a big cage that holds 2 guinea pigs and they chase each other around the whole cage!!!

Can you have moe than one guinea pig in a cage?

Yes! Most guinea pigs love to be together and will be happier and livelier. Just make sure that the cage is big enough, and that the guinea pigs are the same sex.

Can you keep your hamster in guinea pig cage?

no guinea pigs are herd animals while hamsters need there privacy

Can chipmunks and guinea pigs live together?

guinea pigs and chipmunks should not live together.

How much for a guinea pid cage?

Try looking up C&C cages. They are the cheapest, and some of the only ones that are big enough for guinea pigs.

Can you put 1 boy guinea pig with a girl one?

There is no limit, assuming you have a big enough cage, to how many guinea pigs of different sexes and/or sizes you can physically put together. I am not sure if you will get baby guinea pigs out of it though.

What kind of shelter does a guinea pig need?

Guinea pigs are great pets that deserve a great home., Guinea pigs need a shelter or a cage that is big enough for your guinea pig to have a little area to eat and drink , one to sleep, and others.. I have two guinea pigs and their cage is is 4feet long.. That's what I have for two guinea pigs. They should have a little igloo for them to hide in or something similar like a little bridge or something. They should have proper bedding/litter. They need a bowl for food (pellets) and space for hay and either a water bottle or a water bowl.

Why do guinea pigs have big ears?

I think not all guinea pig have big ears, guinea pigs do have big ears when they are about a week old and it stays like that when they get older..

How big of a cage does 2 guinea pigs and a dwarf rabbit need?

2 guinea pigs = 2x5 c&c cage which is 30" by 62" a dwarf rabbit= 2x4 which is 30" by 50" so in total you should just make a 2x10 c&c cage feeding time may be difficult because they need different food. -kiley

Do guinea pigs get along with girbles?

no, guinea pigs could hurt the gerbils by accident (big size difference!)

How big does a cage need to be for two guinea pigs?

10.5 sq feet is preferred for 2 guinea pigs but can always be bigger. You can make the cage by yourself...check out this It helped me make a great cage for my two guineas...and they LOVE it!!!!

What cage is best to use for guinea pigs?

Just get a big cage from a pet store that has little hiding places in it. Guinea pigs like to hide in small dark places. Rabbit cages would be okay to use too, but make sure you keep your guinea pig inside. Make sure that the bottom of the cage is smooth for the guinea pig. Wire at the bottom of the cage is too hard for it to walk on and painful. Also, get some shavings/bedding (little pieces of cut up wood or get it from a pet store) to line on the bottom of the cage that will make a comfy bed for your pet.