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What animals are enemies to the thorny devil

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Q: What are the thorny devils natural enemies?
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Can thorny devils climb cactuses?

No Thorny devils cannot climb cactuses. Incidentally, cacti are not even native to Australia, which is the natural environment of the thorny devil.

What do the thorny devils spikes feel like?

Thorny devils' spikes are sharp.

How long can thorny devils get?

Thorny devils average less than 20cm in length.

Do thorny devils make good pets?

Thorny devils can be good pets. It really depends on who you are.

What are thorny devils enemies?

The thorny devil is a species of Australian lizard and prefers dry climates. How many are left in the world is not known, but they are not endangered.

Are thorny devils poisonous?


What color are thorny devils?

Thorny devils are essentially varying patchy shades of brown and gold, which enables them to blend in with their desert surroundings. Newly hatched baby thorny devils tend towards black in colour.

On what continent is the thorny devil found?

Thorny devils occur in Australia.

How many nipples does a thorny devil have?

Thorny devils are not mammals: they do not have nipples.

How does thorny devils adapt to their envirerment?

how does an thorny devil adapt to its envierment

What can humans to protect the thorny devils habitat?

It damage the thorny devil.

How do thorny devils kill their prey?

Thorny devils feed primarily on ants. They simply collect the ants with their sticky tongue.