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A hummingbird.

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Q: What bird can fly in the sky but can't walk on the ground?
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What bird cant fly backwards?

Jay bird

What bird has wings to fly and legs to walk?

Every bird that can fly ahs wings to fly and legs to walk, all birds are born with legs.

What is pofihfg?

a bird that cant fly

If i was to fly could i?

no you cant fly unless your have bird or something

Is it a bird if it has feathers but cant fly?


How do you go under ground in fly like a bird?

fly with your wings

What is huge bird that cant fly?

The ostrich is one.

What happenes if I fly after taking ecstasy.?

you cant fly ? your not a bird? you dont have wings -_-

What bird can fly and swim but not walk?

The Diebel bird, found in and around Pittsburgh.

Name the only bird that can fly but cannot walk?


What large bird that cant fly?


Is peacock largest flying bird?

no it cant even fly