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Well there are actually 2 dog characters; Pong-Ping the Pekingese, and Algy the Pug.

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algy pug

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Q: What breed of dog was in Rupert Bear stories?
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Which breed of dog is also known as bear?

Dog's have been known to try an protect there area in bear country. Although there are no reports of a certain breed of dog that is meant to ward off bears. The natural instinct of a dog will kick in and would let the bear know Hey this is my turf.

What is the best breed of dog to get rid of bears?

The Karelian Bear Dog might work.

What is a good boy name for a teddy bear dog?

i think that a good name for that kind of breed is whatever you want it to be. it is your dog

Which of these is a friend of Rupert bear bing bang ping pong sing song?

Hi, Ping Pong is Rupert Bears friend, she is a white Pekingese dog. Karen Hudson.

What breed of dog was rough in Jane hisseys old bear?

miniature airedale

Can dogs be half bear?

No, animals have to be in the same genus in order to mate. Bears are in the genus "Ursus", whereas dogs are in the genus "Canis". Dogs can be half wolf or half dingo, but not bear. There is, however, a breed of dog with "bear" in its name - the Karelian Bear Dog, a black and white dog originated from Finland. Its breed name was derived from the fact that it can defend against bears.

What breed is the dog in the Prudential Day One Stories commercial?

He is a Havanese and his name is Deacon. He has his own website

Is the Karelian Bear Dog a good breed for inexperienced dog owners to own?

Not recommended as a family pet or for the first time dog owner. This breed is best kept for working and makes an excellent guard dog, mainly due to the fact that it will attack strangers and other dogs.

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No, a dog that is a toy breed has to reproduce with a dog of the same breed. This means that they will produce the same breed of dog. And not a dog out of the toy column.

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No, drifter is not a breed of dog.

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Caucasian Ovcharka or Caucasian Mountain Dog. These things are massive. They are originaly from russia and are often used to hunt bear. Husky? No freakin way.

Which breed of a dog is the smallest?

The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog.