What bug has the toughest exoskeleton?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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The rhinoceros beetles have the toughest and strongest exoskeleton. They are able to carry and move things 850 times their weight.

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Ironclad Beetle.

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Q: What bug has the toughest exoskeleton?
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What do you call it when a bug sheds its exoskeleton?

An insect does this to grow. It expands rapidly before the next exoskeleton hardens.

Is there a bug with skin on the outside?

All insects have an exoskeleton on the outside.

Does a lady bug have a back bone?

NO! all insects have an exoskeleton

Does a bed-bug have an endoskeleton?

No, bed bugs are insects and the have an external skeleton or exoskeleton.

How many bones does a lighting bug have?

Like all insects, it has a chitinous exoskeleton, but no bones.

How do you remove the exoskeleton of an insect without killing it?

You cant, they will turn to a blob of bug insides and die if you do.

Do monkeys humans fishes and lizards have endoskeletons?

no an exampl of an exoskeleton is a bug because the have no bones but they have a hard outer shell

What is an exoskeloten?

An exoskeleton is the skeleton that is outside of the bugs body. It is like aromor plating and allows the bug to be safe from predators

How do pitcher plant eats?

A bug flies into it. and thin, stiff, directory hairs allow the bug to only go down. in the bottom of the plant is a digestive acid/liquid. the bug will attempt to escape the plant. but a waxy substance prevents this action. the bug slowly breaks down and the next day is just an exoskeleton of the bug.

Do fireflies have an exoskeleton or no exoskeleton?

they have exoskeleton

What does moulted mean?

When an animal or bug sheds its skin, hair/fur, horns, or feathers. Or molt, is the periodic shedding of an insects exoskeleton or in reptiles the outer skin.

Why when you step on a bug you don't see blood or bones?

Because bugs are insects they have an exoskeleton and not bones. They also don't have blood they have haemolymph (which is normally greenish in color).