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You can feed your wild lizard pinkies, or newborn mice. You can find pinkies at any exotic animal location.

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Q: What can you feed your wild lizard besides bugs?
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What do mockingbird eat?

mostly bugs, i think...................................................................................................................................................Mockingbirds mainly eat berries, small insects, and seedsHope this helped :)They eat insects, occasionally a lizard, and berries and fruitsThe mockingbird is omnivorous. About half its diet consists of beetles, ants, bees, wasps, and grasshoppers, but it will also eat earth worms and maybe even a small lizard. In the city they'll follow lawnmowers to get the bugs that get stirred up. The also eat berries.I feed my mockers organic blueberries and chopped grapes.Mockingbirds feed on insects in the breeding season, which is spring and early summer, and then in the fall and winter they feed mostly on berries and other fruits. They raise their offspring almost entirely on insects and worms.bugs insects and plantsinsects

How are lizards fed?

If you mean you have a live, wild lizard and wish to keep him and feed him, they eat live insects; flies, cockroaches, moths, crickets, ants, other "bugs." Catch them alive and put them in the lizard's cage. Watch the fun.

What do young wild mice eat I found a young injured wild mouse What does it eat and how do I feed it?

There are many things you could feed a wild mouse. You could feed it alfalfa and see if it will eat it.

What should you feed a wild frog?

If you mean a wild frog that will stay living outside, then don't feed it, it will find food itself. (though i guess you could try to feed it if you want). If you mean bring it inside as a pet, this will be stressful and probably kill it unless you bring it in when it is young. You can buy crickets and mealworms at many pet stores. Or you can look under rocks and things for worms, pill bugs, and small beetles. amphibians caught in the wild where there is a winter season must get a hibernation period in or it wont survive and will go crazy

What can you feed a wild duck?


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What does a lizard eat in the wild?


What can you feed your wild baby lizard?

little insects

How do guppies feed in the wild?

They eat any type of fish that they can catch!

What do Bali mynahs feed on?

Bali Mynahs in the wild eat mostly fruits & bugs. In captivity they eat birdseed, meat, eggs, fish, fruits, bugs etc.

What kind of food does wild turkeys eat in the winter and also the summer?

They feed on seeds and shoots and bugs.

How do you feed a wild lizerd?

It depends on what kind of lizard it is, but most lizards are carnivorous. Unless it is an iguana you can first try crickets, and if that doesnt work, try mice.

What do you feed a water lizard you found in a creek?

To be honest, I would put it back. Without knowing exactly what species the lizard is, it is difficult to impossible to know exactly what you should feed it. In additon, wild lizards are acclimated to the wild and will rarely adapt well to an indoor environment. It's not going to make a good pet.

What can you feed a blue belly lizard that is from the wild?

You've got some research to do, huh? I know, and so will you once you actually read a care sheet or two. By the way, there's no such thing as a "Blue Tongue Lizard". There is, however, a Blue-Tongued Skink.

How do betta fish catch pray?

in the wild,most of there prey is bugs which fall into the water. when i feed mine bugs,she will grab onto them,and if theer to big to swallow,she drags em under water and shakes/ bites them apart

What is the lifespan of a wild lizard in human hands?

Different lizard species have different lifespans.

Can people feed wild rabbits?

I would not feed wild rabbits because they could possibly keep coming back to you and start nesting around your house. However, they are not harmful and appeal to some as 'cute' and 'fuzzy' so no harm would be done. And, do not feed them anything besides vegetables and fruits due to allergies they could have.

What is that wild animal in your backyard?

Blue tongued lizard