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Sugar when added to water makes water sweeter.It is harmful for diabetics and helpful to their heirs.

Sugar crystals interact with water via hydrogen bonds- weak bonds that take place primarily between positively-charged hydrogen atoms and negatively-charged oxygen atoms. The two substances interact freely when combined. Water molecules surround individual molecules of sugar, breaking the bonds between sugar particles until the crystals are either fully dissolved, or until there are no 'free' water molecules left. When this occurs, the sugar crystals do not fully dissolve. Hydrogen bonds are so weak that they are constantly breaking and reforming, causing individual molecules to exchange positions. Because energy is required to break and form bonds, and heat is a form of energy, the warmer the water, the more readily the sugar dissolves.

Water with sugar in it has lower freezing and higher boiling points than pure water.

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Q: What chemical and molecular effect does sugar have on water?
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What is the chemical formula of sugar water?

C12H22O11h2O is the chemical formula of sugar water.

What is the chemical equation for the compound sugar water?

Any chemical equation; it is a water solution of sugar.

What is the molecular structure of water vapor?

Phase changes or State changes do not change the underlying chemical/molecular structure of a compound.So, Ice, Water, and Steam (Water vapor) all have the same chemical/molecular structure.H2O

Is there a physical or chemical change when sugar and water are mixed?

Mixing sugar and water is a physical change, because the chemical compositions of the sugar and the water do not change.

Molecular weight of water?

The chemical formula for water is H2O. Hydrogen has a molecular weight of 1.008 and Oxygen has a molecular weight of 15.999. The total molecular weight then is 18.015.

Does sugar make nails rust?

Rusting requires iron, oxygen and water. Some substances added to water can accelerate rusting, but these are usually ionic. Sugar, being molecular, would have no effect.

Why are some molecular solids such as sugar soluble in water?


Is sugar water ionic or covalent?

Sugar is a molecular solid. A solution of sugar in water is neither ionic or covalent, but rather a homogeneous mixture.

What chemical dissolve sugar?


What is the chemical name for water and sugar mix?

sugar solution

Is sugar dissolved in water a chemical or a physical change?


Does sugar have more molecules than water?

Perhaps you mean: Does sugar have more atoms than water?In a certain fixed mass of sugar/water, there will be more molecules of water than of sugar since the molecular mass of sugar is higher than that of water. We follow the rule of Mass = Number of moles of a substance * Molecular mass of the substance.We rearrange this to form Number of moles = Mass / Molecular massTherefore, since the molecular mass of sugar is higher, the number of moles of sugar in a fixed mass of sugar is lower. The number of moles of sugar is directly proportional to the number of molecules of sugar, since we follow Avogadro's Law:1 mole = 6 * 10^23 molecules (constant value)However, if you meant to ask if sugar had more atoms than water, the answer is yes, it does. Sugar (presumably glucose) has the chemical formula of C6H12O6 and thus has 24 C, H and O atoms altogether. Water, with the formula H2O, has 3 atoms of H and O altogether.I hope this was helpful! :)

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