What continent is okapi found on?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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The Okapi is an animal found on the African continent.

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Does the Nasutoceratops have teeth?

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Q: What continent is okapi found on?
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On what continent would you find an okapi?

You would find okapi in Africa, specifically in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They inhabit dense rainforests and are closely related to giraffes.

Is the okapi valuable?

The Okapi is a close relative of the Giraffe and was found in Central Africa, now Zaire, in 1901.

Are rafflesia found in the okapi wildlife reserve?

Rafflesia are found only in the rainforests of Indonesia, Sumatra and Malaysia. Since they are only found in Asia they would not be located in Okapi Wildlife Reserve in the Congo.

Is the okapi a genetically modified animal?

No, it is a natural animal found in the rainforest of the Congo.

Is an okapi a carnivore or a herbivore or an omnivore?

The Okapi is a herbivore.

Where in the world can Okapi be found?

They are found in the tropical forests of northern Zaire, in Central Africa. Okapis are also most What_is_the_habitat_of_the_okapiin the Wamba and Epulu areas, in dense forests.Additional: Zaire is now called the Democratic Republic of the What_is_the_habitat_of_the_okapi. The okapi is found in the Ituri Rainforest.Read more on:What_is_the_habitat_of_the_okapi

Does an okapi stay in grups or is it solitary?

They are solitary animals but they can sometimes be found in small groups.

What does a mother okapi feed a baby okapi?

An Okapi mother feeds its baby milk.

How do you spell okapi?

The plural of okapi may be either okapis or remain as okapi.

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How you call okapi in French?

Same word - Okapi.