What could a guinea pig be attacked by?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a guinea pig can be attacked by anything that is bigger then them!! Be careful!

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Q: What could a guinea pig be attacked by?
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Could a guinea pig be attacked by a newfie?

Yes guinea pigs can be attacked by Newfoundlands if the owner allows them to be. However, Newfoundlands can get along with small critters, like guinea pigs, if raised and trained not to hunt, stalk, or attack them.

Why does your guinea pig squeak?

If it starts at low pitch and get to a higher pitch it means the guinea pig is hungry. But if the squeek stays at the same pitch it means the guinea pig has a pain e.g. attacked by a cat.

What happend if you drop a guinea pig?

the guinea pig could be injured or the fall could have killed it.

What to do when attaked by a rapid guinea pig?

when attacked by a guinea pig you have to first drop your pants and smother it in your pants and stop on its face. ........ make it bite your weiner

How do you cure a guinea pig when it is very sad?

If you only have one guinea pig get him/her another guinea pig friend of the same gender. It could be lonely.

Will guinea pigs get along with ferrets?

This depends on the personality of the guinea pig and the ferret, they could but they could not.

Do you separate a male guinea pig from a female guinea pig after shes given birth?

Yes, it could be possible that the male could kill the babies

How to get a guinea pig photo on my photo?

You could always go to google images, search "guinea pig" and download it to your phone. If you mean a picture of your own personal guinea pig, you could take a picture of it with a camera on your phone (if you have one).

Can you heal a guinea pig alone?

I would not recommend you to heal a guinea pig at home. You should bring your guinea pig to a local animal hospital. Healing a guinea pig alone can cause germs going into the guinea pig. That can be harmful for your pet.

Your guinea pig has developed a lump on her side could it be caused by a change of food?

Yes your guinea pig could be pregnant or you could be overfeeding it. Is it exposed to any male guinea pigs? if this continues visit your local vet.

Can someone give you some advice please your guinea pig is losing its fur and has a sore on its back re scratching could it be mites?

well .... it could be that your guinea pig has mites but it could also be something from outside. Something you can do to please your guinea pig is to masauge it in back of its ears.

Is it dangerous for a baby guinea pig to be with its father?

No, unless it's stressed, in which case it a fight could break out with any guinea pig.