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They look like mini rabbits. They have all their baby fur, huge legs, opened eyes and almost everything else adult rabbits have besides the visible mating parts of the male bunnies. Right now we have baby rabbits that are about that age that are half mini rex and half something else. It was a surprise that our rabbits had babies for they were never in the same cage besides the time we went on vacation... they were not in the same cage yet they were in cages next to each other. Our rabbit had a fully healthy litter although she had her first and hopefully last litter.... They can be cute but sometimes they bite... ouch! Hope I helped!


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when rabbits are first born they are completely hairless, basically pink blobs, but at about five days old they are completely covered with fur, until they are about 10 days old, they can't physically open their eyes, as soon as their eyes are open it is safe to hold them, by the time they are 2 weeks old, they are the cutest rabbits ever, and you just wish we could keep them that size forever, they still sleep most of the day, but when their not sleeping they are running around

you can completely trust this answer, because I raise baby bunnies at my house.

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At the link below is a picture of a French Lop baby at 4 weeks

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Q: What do 7-8 weeks old bunnies look like?
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When do you separate baby bunnies?

separate baby bunnies when there 8 weeks old

How old do bunnies have to be before holding them?

you can pick up a bunny when it is 2 weeks old

When do bunnies get teeth?

Well i have 2 day old bunnies and they were born with thiers ;-) Baby bunnies are born with teeth.

How do roosters look at 3 weeks old?

they look like baby roosters

How old are bunnies when you can tell if its a boy or girl?

look at there perivet

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A baby Gerbil

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10 week old gerbil

What do bunnies look like at a few hours old?

They are bald and have eyes shut, they will be in a little nest made by their mother and should not be disturbed. She will let you know when she is happy for you to handle them.

Your baby dwarf bunnies were 7 days old and you found them all dead this morning?

What did they look like, were there predators around? I've got to know more to answer your question. They looked normal.

Can baby rabbits be taken away from there mom at 5 weeks?

It truly , depends where you get the bunny from. I am a bunny breeder and, i just recently had a litter, and the mother left the kitten( a baby bunny) at after 2-3 weeks. But they may not be adopted until like 3-4 weeks old.

Can you use shampoo on baby bunnies?

You should not shampoo any bunnies no matter how old they are.

What do baby mice look like at 2 weeks old?

They can see they can walk they have Little paw little nose they have same far On them