What do bunny rabbits eat?

Updated: 8/9/2023
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There are so many different things that bunny rabbits eat. The diet mostly contains vegetables and leaves with carrots being a special diet item for them.

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A wild rabbit eats grass, and leafy weeds, and young tree bark in winter. They also eat their own poo (once) in order to get full nutrition out of the vegetable matter they consume.

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White Rabbits with red eyes eat the same food that all rabbits eat. It does not matter what color it's eyes are.

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The same as all other rabbits do.

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Q: What do bunny rabbits eat?
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Is it ok if a bunny eats wheat thins?

No. Rabbits must NOT eat any kind of wheat.

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Rabbits cannot vomit... if there is something coming out of your rabbits mouth, there is a problem. Take the bunny to a vet urgently!

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Is a bunny a organism?

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Do bunny's eat frogs?

No, bunny's also known as rabbits are herbivours. That means they do not eat meat, including frogs.

What do rabbits eat and is there anything they do not eat?

Rabbits eat hay(my bunny prefers timothy but there is also alfafa), dry food, and water. Check with a vet about what you should feed your bunny.

Do bunny's eat birds?

No, rabbits are strictly herbivores and do not eat meat.

Can giraffes eat bunnies?

yes giraffes can eat bunny rabbits but the giraffe has to be albino

Can bunny eat bugs?

Rabbits are herbivores and are not known to ingest insects .

Would a bat eat a bunny?

no. bats are generally smaller than rabbits, and eat insects and/or fruit

What are some foods in Botswana?

they eat wooden bunny rabbits and gummy nom noms

Where is a bunny rabbits home?

Bunny rabbits usually live in burrows underground.

What is a bobcat's prey?

they eat deer,rabbits,bunny,and ratsharesMostly the bobcats feed on the snowshoe hare


they eat deer,rabbits,bunny,and ratsharesMostly the bobcats feed on the snowshoe hare

Would a rabbit eat a weasel?

No. Rabbits are normally gentle creatures, as well as strict vegetarians...

What will house rabbits eat?

carrots , bunny mix sold at stores , hay , grass and other things