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Dogs are a pack oriented species. Cat are more often solitary hunters. A dogs instincts to hunt are either bred out of them or bred to enhance depending on the breed of dog. Cats despite breed are excellent hunters no extra training needed. Dog and Cats are both valued companions, who will bond with the adoptive families.

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claws a cats claws can go in and out when threatened a dog has theirs out all the time

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Q: What do dogs and cats have that are different?
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How cats and dogs look different?

cats and dogs look different cause cats have long whiskers and dogs have short whiskers.

Who is stupider cats or dogs?

Cats and dogs, it varies, there are different types of cats, and different types of dogs. I'd stay neutral on this even though I am a dog person.

Why are dogs called cats?

They aren't. Dogs and cats are completely different species of animals.

Do cats and dogs belong to the same population?

No......They do not,do to my research cats are felines and dogs are different.

Are dogs and cats in the same order?

Dogs and cats are desended from the same creature, but they are in different orders.

Are cats and dogs in the same species?

No. They are both different species. Dogs = canine: Cats = feline.

Are all cats non dogs?

If non-dogs mean creatures that are not dogs then all cats are non-dogs, yes.Cats and dogs are two completely different species.There are many cats who think they are dogs (only when it suits them) and vice versa, that is why there is a saying: Dogs have Masters, Cats have slaves!!

Why do dogs chace cats around?

dogs chase cats around because they are two different types of animals!

Why do dogs like to play and cats don't?

They don't.. Dogs act like dogs and cats act like cats.

Why are there so many different breeds of dogs and cats?

Because human beings like dogs and cats and keep breeding more different types.

What are the most common pets in Spain?

there are different kinds but people usually keep dogs and cats.

Can cats learn like dogs?

yes cats can learn exactly like dogs except you need a different approach