What do puffer fish look like?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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Puffer fish look like a circle with small spikes around it.

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a puffin locks like a strange bird lives in places like Alberta and antartica

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Q: What do puffer fish look like?
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What do green spotted puffer fish eggs look like?

a green spotted puffer fish egg looks like a fuzzy ball

Does a puffer fish have scales like some other fish?

No,Puffer Fish are scaleless fish.

What is daily life for a puffer fish?

puffer fish wake up hunt. Then eat the food. The puffer fish try not to get eaten. so if you like puffer fish or blow fish help them

What is a puffer fish's niche environment?

the puffer fish is found in both fresh and salt water it just depends on what kind of puffer fish you want to look at

What is puffer fish shape?

It depends if it is puffed up or not. look up puffer fish in Google images.

What do newborn puffer fish babies look like?

fat and hairy with black toes hahahahaha

What makes the puffer fish a fish?

Not every fish have to be alike. A Puffer fish has gills,4 fused teeth, a beak-like mouth, and a stretchy stomach. A Puffer fish has gills so it is indeed a fish. All fish have gills.

How can puffer fish kill sharks?

If the shark eats the puffer fish and puffer fish is inside the sharks throat it blows up like a balloon with really sharp spines so yes puffer fish can really kill sharks.

What size are porcupine puffer fish baby's when they were born?

i was ganna do a poetry about a puffer fish and i made this i like puffer fish because there are also born in 2002 like me

Do puffer fish camouflage?

puffer fish blend in with the oceans floor

How puffer fish are related with human?

the puffer fish are related to humans because they protect themselves just like humans.

How is a puffer fish adapted?

puffer fish are ugly