What do sidewinder snakes eat?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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sidewinders snakes eat mice and other small animals

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They eat mice and other small animals.

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Q: What do sidewinder snakes eat?
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Is a sidewinder rattle snake a consumer?

Yes, all snakes are carnivores. There are no snakes that eat plants.

Are sidewinder snakes venomous?


What snakes crawl sideways?

Most snakes will use a sidewinding motion when moving in loose sand. The sidewinder rattlesnake has perfected the movement.

What eats the sidewinder eat?

Road Runners eat Side Winders. Road Runners also eat other types of snakes as well.

Is the Mojave Desert sidewinder cold blooded?

Yes, all snakes, including the sidewinder, are cold blooded.

What kind of small rodents do sidewinder snakes eat?

The sidewinder snake's diet consists mostly of mice, kangaroo rats, and lizards.

If you were a sidewinder would you drink a lot of water?

Sidewinder snakes get most, if not all, of their water intake from the animals that the ingest.

Do sidewinder have lungs?

I'm assuming that you're talking about sidewinders as a type of snake. And yes, snakes in general have lungs, and so does the sidewinder.

What are some desert animals in Mexico?

sidewinder rattlesnakescorpions,snakes,rabbits,and many more.....

What kind of families does the sidewinder rattlesnake live in?

Like all snakes, they live on their own.

Do sidewinders eat?

AnswerBirds of prey, Roadrunners, and man.

What the snake eat?

a sidewinder eats mouse and intsets