What do spiders need to live?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Spiders need to live is water, food, and air.

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Q: What do spiders need to live?
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Are spiders good parents?

No. There is no need. Spiders hatch fully armed and prepared.

Do spiders live in apartments?

Yes. Spiders live nearly everywhere that humans live.

Do spiders live after they bite?

Yes spiders do live after they bite. They live for a long time.

Do spiders live in lint?

no most spiders live in webs or in trees

What is indoor spiders?

Indoor spiders are spiders that live indoors(homes)

Do green spiders live in America?

yes,green spiders live in america

Where do poissonous spiders live?

poissonouse spiders mostly live in southern places.

Were do Sac Spiders live?

Sac spiders or Clubionidae live all over the world.

Where do spiders live in the world?

Spiders live everywhere in the world, apart from Greenland, the Arctic, and Antartica.

Do spiders live in grass?

yes they do that is why they are called grass spiders

What layer do spiders live in the rainforest?

Bird eating spiders live in the Canopy because that's where a lot of birds live.

What do camel spiders need water for?

Do you have down syndrome? Every living thing NEEDS water to LIVE..................