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The meat of other animals supplies carnivores with energy and protein (which animals cannot make and must consume). This is part of every food chain.

All animals are made up of a wide range of chemicals joined in a variety of different ways. Animals are predominantly made of water, protein, lipids (fat) and carbohydrates. Carnivores obtain their nutrients from consuming meat, while onmivores eat both plants and animals.

Animal Nutrition

Water is required for hydration. Protein, lipids and carbohydrates are needed for a variety of reasons. The food is initially digested to their component units:

- Proteins to amino acids

- Lipids to fatty acids and glycerol

- Carbohydrates to sugars

These smaller units can pass through the gut and be absorbed into the bloodstream. All three chemicals can be used for structural purposes at a cellular level. All three can also be used as a substrate for respiration. In respiration the substrates act as fuel, sources of chemical potential energy and through respiration produce energy for the body.

Carbohydrates are the body's preferred source of fuel but lipids are the body's preferred store. Lipids are stored in adipose (fat) cells.
Good and Bad things. Animals eat other animals to gain energy to survive.These may come in the form as vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins ect. Sometimes other animals may have eaten or been exposed to toxins. DDT was a big one back in the day and is still effecting fish and Bald eagles.
Animals get energy from other animals This energy, however, is eventually used up by the animal that ate the other animal so that causes that animal to hunt or stalk prey again to restore the energy they used.
Their food, meat from other animals, supplies carnivores with energy and protein (which animals cannot make and must consume).

animal eat other animal for food . bird eat fish for food . hare eats ants for food .lion eat hares for food.

+++ Actually, hares eat grass, and I'm not sure if there hares in the Serengeti!

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Animals get chemical energy from the food they eat. This includes those substances that are converted into the energy the animal needs, and also essential nutrients that allow biological processes to continue to keep the animal alive and healthy.

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it depends on what animal eats the other animal. like if a lion ate a deer that would be good for the lion.

It also depends on how the animal died. Many of the big cats and wild dogs of Africa will not scavange from a dead animal that they have not killed. THere are plenty of animals though who will, like hyenas (though actually in many parts of Africa lions steal more kills from hyenas than the other way round) and jackels.

The simple answer to your question is usually sustenance. There are few animals (except highly intelligent ones like chimps and elephants) who will show any interest in a dead animal except if it is to scavenge a meal from the carcass

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the get energy for eating another animal

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Q: What do the animals get from the food they eat?
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