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Q: What do venomous animals look like?
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What percentage of all animals are venomous?

99% of animals are venomous and will kill you if you even look at them! Have a nice day :)

Why are some animals venomous?

Animals are venomous to defend themselves from bigger animmals.

Why venomous animals are like that?

Because it's useful to them in either defense or predation (or both).

What do you call an animal that has venom?

Venomous. Although there are almost no animals that are Venomous.

What continent has the largest number of poisonous or venomous animals?

There are to possible answers Australia or Madagascar.

How does an octopus protect themselves from enemies?

by making itself look like a venomous sea snake

What animals that are poisonous start with the letter k?

Kraits are venomous snakes. Katipo is a venomous spider. The King Cobra is a venomous snake.

What do underwater animals look like?

they look like fish

What does the dangerous snail look like?

yellow shell or black shell very venomous not to be touched ever!

What are some venomous animals that start with the letter v?


What did a man look like in the middle ages?

Look like a animals.

What animals can you keep which are hard to look after?

Ponys and horses Dogs are quite hard venomous snakes Big birds Owls any animal can be hard to keep!!!!!!