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Horses are just called "horses" unless they are in a group together. When horses get in a group together, they are then called a "herd".

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a pack of horses :)

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Q: What do you call a lot of horses together?
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What do you call al ot of horses?

A Group Of Horses Together Is Called A Herd Of Horses . xxx

What do you call 100 or more horses?

A lot of horses. There's no special name, sorry.

What do you call a lot of paintings together?

A collection.

What do you call the group of horses lumped together for betting purposes?

it is called a parimutual entry

Do horses kiss?

They don't exactly kiss they rub there muzzles together, but i guess you could call that kissing.

What do you call a lot of flowers put together?

medow They grow together in a meadow. They are put together in a bouquet.

What is a horses call?

a horses call is a whinney-high pitched long sound

What to call a book about horses?

the mystery on horses

Did horses get abused in the old west?

A lot of them did, yes, even though a lot of the cowboys doing it didn't realize they were doing what we would call "abuse" to a horse today.

What do you call a gathering of horses?

a group of horses is a Herd

What do you call a dozen horses?

A dozen horses is usually called a 'string' of horses.

Differences between modern horses and prehistoric horses?

prehistoris horses r lot's smaller and they have more hooves