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it will be fully developed but its eyes may be shut it'll look just like a adult guinea pig but much smaller. that's about it hope i helped!

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They kinda look like fetuses, they're completely hairless and blind.

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Really small, 2 centimeters long if it's a dwarf and 3 if it's a syrian.

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The mother will feed them milk.

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Q: What do you feed baby hamsters when they are born?
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Were do mum hamsters feed there baby hamster?

A mother hamster has multiple teats on her underbelly. The baby hamsters will latch on to these teats and feed on the mother's milk. After a few weeks the babies will start to eat regular hamster food.

What do baby hamsters do?

Baby hamsters don't do much when there first born but as they get older they get more and more active :) Hope this helps!

Baby hamsters born last night but mother was killed what do you do?

feed small pices of hammster food make small house wit beding never keep eye of

Do hamsters hatch from eggs?

Hamsters are mammals and (normally healthy) baby hamsters are born alive, just like humans and other mammals.

How are hamsters born?

Being a mammal, hamsters are born as live-birth babies like puppies and kittens, and feed by suckling from their mother until their independence..

At how many months do you feed a baby?

You feed it from the day it is born.

Why does babies touch their moms face?

Baby hamsters are born deaf, blind, and hairless. Not only do baby hamsters hump at their mother, but also at their siblings. Research has shown that this is just a territorial or a dominance trait of baby hamsters..

What are baby hamsters called?

Baby hamsters are called "pups".

When can you separate a baby hamster from a mother hamster after giving birth?

no because you should not because different hamsters breast feed

How will baby hamsters survive if taken away from the mother?

If u want to take the time then u could bottle feed them

How old should babys dwarf hamsters be to eat?

A baby dwarf can be feed with warm milk after birth. My advice is that you should let the mother feed the baby hamster as the hamster is blind & you can't touch. If it does not have a mother feed it fresh milk without touching it.

Will baby hamsters eat new baby hamsters?

No they won`t.