What does an xeme eat?

Updated: 8/9/2023
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This bird, which is a new species, was found only on a small island in lat 75° 20' on the west coast of Greenland; it was found associating with the greater Tern, and when it saw its nest in danger, like them, uttering the same clamorous notes, flew, without fear, above its nest close to the head of the party. Its eggs were of the same size and form, nearly of the same colour, as those of the Tern.

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Q: What does an xeme eat?
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Can the word Xeme become Plural?

The word 'xeme', a type of bird, the plural would be xemes.

Where do xeme live?

A xeme is a type of gull that is known to live in the Arctic. It is also referred to as the Arctic fork-tailed gull.

Can you find a picture of a xeme?

Here. Type in "xeme." The bird has a black head and a white body. The tips of its wings are black.

What bird has four letters and starts with X?


What is another name for a fork-tailed gull-bird?

It is a xeme.

Which animaln begins with x at the beginning?

xeme: a fork tailed gull

What is two animals that start with a x?

Xantus- A bird Xeme- arctic gull

A word that begins with x?

xylophone xenagogue xanthan xanthous xenophobia xanthoma xebec xeme xenon

What animal lives in polar region name starts with letter x?

A Xeme, which is the Arctic fork-tailed gull.

What are some good meaningful words starting with the letter X?

there is xylophone,x-ray,xavier,xanthic xanthocarpous xebec xeme xenagogue xenial (hospitable) xenogeneicand many more. you may access the google site and may find your desirable answers. hope this helps!!!

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In the Cheyenne language the word for warrior is:nótaxeThis is pronounced NOH -ta- khe (the kh sound is a guttural like German ch in Ich)A variant form is:nótâxeme (with almost the same pronunciation, but with -may on the end)

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