What does fluke mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The part of an anchor that catches in the ground. The flat triangular piece at the end of each arm.

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Failing it

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Q: What does fluke mean?
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What does whaled mean?

a whale fluke is the unique design on a whales tail so its probably observing the whales fluke

What does whale fluking mean?

a whale fluke is the unique design on a whales tail so its probably observing the whales fluke

What is fluke bunt?

fluke bunt is a fluke bunt

What does Peyton mean in Italian?

it means restaraunt

What are examples of Worms?

Tape worm like lung fluke and liver fluke

What is the homophone of life?

fluke. Fluke

What is the kingdom of fluke?

the kingdom of the fluke is animalia .

What is a fluke in a beluga?

a fluke is a tail of a whale

What are the names of some online shops where one can purchase a Fluke thermometer from?

My Fluke Store. I got my Fluke DMM from them.

How do you use flea in a sentence?

The whales fluke (tail fin) gracefully controlled the movement of the whale. Fluke - accidental good luck. What a fluke! He won the match. Fluke - part of a whale's tail. The left fluke flipped out of the water, then the whale was gone. "It was merely a fluke that the baseball hit him right on the pinky toe." It's such a fluke that we crossed paths again after all these years. A husband and wife with the same birthday is quite a fluke. Miraculously, she changed her schedule on a fluke and was not aboard the plane that crashed. Example: You didn't win, it was just a fluke. That was a fluke, i got an A without studying. It snowed in Texas in July, it was some kind of fluke of nature. Fluke has several meanings: CHANCE: It was fluke that they found each other. A PARASITE: He suffered from liver flukes. A FIN: With a quick movement of his flukes the whale swam away.

Where can one purchase a Fluke 337?

The Fluke 337 is a clamp meter. It can be purchased directly from Fluke. MCM Electronics is also an authorized dealer for Fluke products, as is MAT Electronics.

What is best anchor for boat a fluke or mushroom style?