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It means cat has feelings

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Q: What does it mean when your cat is blinking at you slow?
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What does it mean when cat looks at you and closes and opens it eyes?

it simply just means that the cat is blinking his/her eyes

What is a yellow blinking light at an intersection mean?

Yield. It usually means the cross-traffic has a blinking red light (stop sign). slow down because someone may pull out

What is the meaning of the gumbie cat?

There are a couple meanings for the term gumbie cat. A gumbie cat can mean a cat that is flexible or obese and slow-moving.

How do you slow down the turn signal lights blinking?

change the flasher to a slower blinking brand. They are cheap and you can try a few brands

What does blinking red light mean?

Blinking red light signifies alertness or danger.

What if your iPod shuffle is not blinking what does it mean?

it stopped blinking because it stopped working its gone kid ;)

What does 3 blinking yellow lights on a vingcard lock mean?

Three blinking yellow lights mean the deadlock is locked from inside. Guest is in the room

What to do when your cat just lays there?

if it is limp and not moving or blinking it has had a snake bite get it to the vet quick its lungs will go in about 30 mins because its blinking musles are one of the last ones to go (my cat Miffens got bitten buy a brown snake)

What does 'blinking idiot' in The Merchant of Venice mean?


What does a double wink mean?

It means you're blinking.

Is a Savannah cat fast?

No they are pretty slow.

Does stare mean to look at someone without blinking?

I think it means to look at someone for a long period of time, blinking or not.

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