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Q: What does the idom cats on hot bricks mean?
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What do you mean when we say someone looks like a cat on hot bricks?

A cat on hot bricks would be jumping around because its feet would be hot -- if you look like that, you're jumping around, anxious and jittery.

What do you mean when you say someone is like a cat on hot bricks?

It simply means that someone is nervous about something that is about to happen.

Are cats hot?

yes, very hot indeed

What does it mean when guinea pigs lay flat on the ground?

It means they lost an argument with an elephant.

On a hot summer day you walk barefoot out onto a pool patio only to be scalded by the hot bricks Quickly you run to the edge of the pool and jump in the cool water what best expl?

The specific heat capacity of water is higher than the specific heat capacity of the patio bricks; therefore, the water warms up in the hot sun much slower than the bricks.

Are the bricks in a brick pizza oven just regular bricks?

The bricks in firebricks are not regular bricks. They are mortared together with a heat resistant mortar which actually has the consistency of a glue. The bricks themselves are compromised of fire resistant materials which will actually absorb the heat and store it. A regular brick would crack, not get hot enough and break apart.

Can cats have hot dogs?

Cats are meat eaters by nature, so an occasional piece of hot dog should have no ill effect on a cat.

What is the Asian golden cats habitat?


How hot is too hot for a black labrador?

When it is too hot for humans, you can be sure it is equally as hot for dogs and cats, especially if they are black.

How do cats cool off when they are hot?

Drink, get in shadows

Why do big cats live in Africa?

because its hot and warm

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