What features do fish have?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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-they have gills - they have scales - they are cold blooded - they can only breathe underwater

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Q: What features do fish have?
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What are unique features about rainbow fish?

what is a rainbow fish

What are the features that show a fish is a fish?

All fish have gills and all fish have fins.

What are the features of a fish?

they have gills and breath with them is well their features are scales

Features of fish?

There are several features of fish; specifically, they have gills, scales, fins, are water-dwelling, and they are cold-blooded

Are squids fish?

No, squids are not fish.

Are all fish vertebrate?

yes, a spine is one of the defining features of what is a fish

Main features of fish?

fins, gills

What are the main features of an fish?

The main features of most fish are that they are cold blooded, live in water, their bodies are covered in scales, they have gills, and fins. Some fish also have big eyes, or whiskers.

What two features are common to all fish?

No matter what breed of fish, all fish have gills and pectoral fins.

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What are the features of a lapu-lapu fish?

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