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Chocolate is surely forbidden with any dog. Yorkies are a smaller type of breed so they should only eat special/recommended dog food they should rarely or never eat human food or other pet food.

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Dogs should never be given potatoes, or especially chocolate!

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Q: What food is forbidden for Yorkshire terriers?
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no yorkshire terriers do not drool

Is there a raterrier in Nintendogs?

No, but you can get a Yorkshire Terrier. Yorkshire Terriers are similar to Rat Terriers.

Do Yorkshire terriers kill kittens?

No, Yorkshire Terriers do not kill kittens.

Where did the Yorkshire terrrier come from?

Yorkshire Terriers come from Yorkshire in England.

Which is cuter Pomeranians or Yorkshire terriers?

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How tall is a Yorkshire Terrier?

Yorkshire terriers are 9 inches.

Do male Yorkshire Terriers or female Yorkshire Terriers cost more?

The female because of her being able to give birth

How did the Yorkshire terrier get its name?

Yorkshire terriers got their name by where they were developed ( Yorkshire,England)

What does a Yorkshire terrier eat'?

The terriers eat small amounts of food but some like to eat a lot!

What eats a Yorkshire terrier?

The terriers eat small amounts of food but some like to eat a lot!

Are raccoons afraid of Yorkshire terriers?


Where are Yorkshire terriers native from?

Just a guess? Are they from Yorkshire? Hope I helped ?