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Sheep are equipped with the ability to resist the effects of the bite of a venomous snake. upon being bitten by a venomous snake when the poisonous toxins enter the blood stream of the sheep, the sheep has a natural protection written in its DNA that identifies the toxin and an anti-venom is created that neutralizes the toxicity of the venom and the toxins are passed through the sheep's system without any side effects, thus saving the life of the sheep.

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Q: What happens when a snake bites a sheep?
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What happens when a black snake bites a copperhead?

If she bites you You wait three second the u die.

What happens to humans when a snake bites them?

That depends on (a) what kind of snake it is, (b) whether the snake is venomous and (c) how potent the venom (if any) is.

What happens when a snake bites?

if a snake bites we should remove the poison from our body as soon as possible...then we should take the person to the hospital or else the person may die....

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Rattle snake bites are considered to be dangerous if not treated on time. Most of the venomous snake bites reported are from rattle snakes.

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If that green snake happens to be a mamba or a boomslang, yes it can kill a human.

What happens if your dog bites a snake?

If the snake didn't bite back - for the dog, nothing. The snake can be anything from annoyed to dying or dead. (some) Snakes are venomous - NOT poisonous. Eating a snake is not dangerous.

You are wondering if you should get snake bites so what are the bad things about snake bites?

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Any snake bites hurt, it's the poisonous ones that are dangerous though

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Only if you electrocute the snake before it bites you.

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