What has the largest bite force?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Animal with the largest bite force is the saltwater crocodile.

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Q: What has the largest bite force?
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What is the bite pressure of a lion?

Honestly the bite force of the African lion's is very impressive,the bite force is Actually 945 lbs (425 kg of force).

How strong of a bite force did the allosaurus have?

The bite force of a Allosaurus from what many paleontology have found was it only had the bite force of a adult male lion. the teeth of it are to small and weak to hold and break it's prey.

What is the bite force of a saint bernard?

aprox. 400-500 pounds. The English Mastiff holds the record of the strongest bite force (500 pounds) for dogs. They measure bite force from the size of their head and English Mastiffs and Saint Bernards have just about the same size head, therefore they basically have the same bite force.

What is a leopard gecko's bite force?

leopard geckos don't bite very hard. its bite force is probably around 15 pounds

Who has a greater bite force pit bull or crocodile?

A crocodile definitely produces much more bite force. Herpetologist Brady Barr measured the bite force of a great white shark at 669 pounds (303.45 kg). However, this is probably not the best bite force that a great white shark can produce. But, in any case, the shark has such razor-sharp teeth that he doesn't need a greater bite force. He also measured the bite force of a crocodile of South Africa at 2500 pounds (1133.98 kg)! After that, he measured the bite force of a very big Nile crocodile at 5000 pounds (2267.96kg)! This is also the most powerful bite ever measured from any animal. And that was still a defensive bite, despite the brute force that this crocodile produced, as it bit the bite meter only when it was brought in its mouth, while it was resting. If this crocodile had bitten the bite meter while charging at it, especially in water, the bite force would have been even greater.

What is the bite force of a squirrel in pound?

The bite force of the Eastern Grey squirrel can exceed 7000 pounds.

Which mammal has the strongest bite force?

The Orcinus orca holds the record as the strongest mammal bite force although it is not 100% clear, and it is based on happening incidents at f.e. Sea World. But the actual known and *recorded* bite force is one of the Crocodilus porosus, also known as the saltwater crocodile. The strongest crocodile bite force is of TIL's with a bite force of 5,000 pounds per square inch (psi). The *thought* and *not clear* orca bite force is 13,000 pounds per square inch (psi).

Wolf bite force?

believe it or not a wolves bite force is not 406 pounds, as Brady Barr said it was only a defensive bite.A wolves bite force,believe it or not,over 2000 pounds.

Tyrannosaurus rex bite?

An estimated T-rex Bite Force is 4,500-12,800 pounds of total force

What is the Bite force of a white tiger?

A Siberian tiger's bite force is about 1,200 pounds per square inch.

How strong is the bite force of a beagle?

They have a bite force between 20-30 lbs

Whats the bite force of a sulcata?

The bite force of sulcata are specially intended to break down weak foods.