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Q: What insect bites you and leaves two bite marks inside of one bump?
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Does a period go inside quotation marks?

"suicide bites".

What kind of insect or spider bite looks like a hickey but has no visible puncture marks?

The bites of many spiders look like a hickey on the skin but do not have puncture marks. The inflammation covers up these marks.

Why do some perennial leaves have swirl marks?

you have a fly or moth pest who's larvae are living inside the leaves eating and creating the swirl marks

What bug bites leave a bruise and teeth marks?

A spider

What rules apply to quotation marks inside punctuation marks?

The same punctuation is used inside of quotation marks as is used outside of quotation marks.

What rules apply to punctuation inside of quotation marks?

The same punctuation is used inside of quotation marks as is used outside of quotation marks.

Do Rolie Pollies bite people?

well I think so because, when I was just outside I had no bite marks on any of my fingers nor hands and then when I came inside I had two insect or bug bites on my pinkie finger AND on my knuckle so YES I think they bite but that's just me and one more thing the Rollie Polley did crawl on my fingers and knuckles

Do Brits put punctuation marks inside or outside quotation marks?

The British put their punctuation marks OUTSIDE of the quotation marks.

Does the punctuation go in or out of quotation marks?

Put the punctuation inside the quotation marks.

How do bed bug marks look?

They look very similar to ant bites, but particularly smaller.

Can flies leave bug bites?

Some flies bite but don't ordinarily leave marks.

Do commas go inside or outside of quotation marks?

Inside, always.

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