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green apples are a friesian horse's favorite food they also love watermelon a lot!

i used to own 8 friesian horse's and 12 Arabian and guarterhorse's

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Q: What is a Friesian Horse's favorite food?
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Are friesian horses gaited?

No Friesian horses are not born gaited.

How are Friesian horses useful to humans?

Friesian horses are useful for riding and entering shows.

When did Friesian horses originate?

The Friesian horse originated in Friesland, which is in the Netherlands.

Friesian horses wild feral or domesticated?

The Friesian horse is a domesticated breed of horse.

Friesian breed horses were most popular in the Middle Ages for what job?

Friesian horses were popular war horses, and mounts of knights. For the Howrse game for Archimedes the answer is "for carrying knights".

Where is the geograph locations of friesian horse?

Friesian horses are named after Friesland, a province of The Netherlands.

Behavior of the Friesian horse?

In general, Friesian horses are known for their pleasant dispositions. But, as with all other horses, their temperament can vary significantly from horse to horse.

What 2 breeds did the friesian come from?

The Friesian horse dates back to the early 1600's. It's a cross between West German horses and the Andalusian horses. These horses were bred by the monks of Friesland, a province in the Netherlands.

Whats a horses favorite food?

i think that horses don't have a favorite food they eat what they eat to bad its my science fair project yep

Can friesian horses live in Singapore?

Yes, if properly cared for a horse can live almost anywhere.

What is the scientific name for Friesian Horse?

As for all domestic horses, a Friesan is classified as Equus caballus.

What is Horse's favorite food?

horses favorite food can be anything really,they eat fruit and veg and lots more ! thanks ove from sinade**Horses love sweet feed (grain), hay, carrots and apples.