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Belted Galloways come in brown with a white stripe across the middle. But there are other breeds that are brown or red and have a white dorsal stripe running over their backs. These include:

  • Pinzgauer
  • Lineback
  • Randall
  • Randall-Lineback
  • Allmogekor
  • Finnish
  • Gloucester
  • Irish Moiled
  • Telemark
  • Vestland Fjord
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Q: What is a brown cow with a white stripe called?
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Is a black cow or a brown and white cow more visible from the air?

White cow.

What is the brown cow with white stripe down its back?

The cattle breed you are most likely thinking of is the Pinzgauer. However, other breeds like the Vestland Fjord, Telemark and Finnish are also those that are brown with a white dorsal stripe. Another possible type is the Hereford which is a very common stock bull for meat breeds.

What is the difference between white cow a brown cow?


What is the white cow with a black stripe around the middle?

No such breed exists, nor are there any cattle of mixed-breed heritage that are white with a black stripe in the middle. All cattle that have that "Oreo Cookie" coloration are BLACKwith a white stripe in the middle, NOT the other way around.

What is the black cow with white stripe down the back?

There are a few breeds with this trait:GloucesterSpeckle ParkRandallLinebackBlacksided Trondheim/Norland

Are cows raciest?

depends on if its a black cow, A white cow, a brown cow, or a tan cow. for goodness sake, ask a cow.

What kinds of cows have brown spots?

There are a variety of cows that have brown spots. These include the White and Red Ayrshire Cow, as well as the Irish Cow.

What color is a brown-Swiss dairy cow?

They range from dark brown to a light brown, usually will have white udders, legs and white around their mussels.

What is an all white cow called?

A white cow. Charolais, Chianina and Marchigiana are some breeds that come in all white.

Is it harder to see a spotted cow from the air or a cow of only one colour?

It's harder to spot a cow that is more solid coloured than one that is spotted with black and white or brown and white. The white can be picked up by the eye much faster than an all-black, all-brown or all-grey cow.

What color is a Guernsey cow?

Usually a Guernsey is light brown with white patches.

What kind of cow is brown with white ring around the middle?

Belted Galloway. They can also be black with a white belt.

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