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That depends on the age, size, and breed of the puppy. A six month old Great Dane puppy is going to have a lot more mass than an eight week old Yorkshire Terrier.

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Q: What is a mass of a puppy?
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What is the mass of an puppy?

That depends on the weight of the puppy. If it eats a lot or not, if it's old or not, the mass differs between each puppy.

If melody's puppy is 7 kilograms what is the puppy's mass in grams?

7000 grams

What is the mass of a puppy?

Each puppy is going to be different. Think of mass as being just like weight. A bigger person is going to have a greater weight. It works the same with mass.

Which unit would would best measure the mass of a puppy?

kilograms or lbs

What does a puppy and a flower have in common?

easy. they both change shape so the mass of the puppy, because it grows up, changes. it is the same with the flower. the flower changes from a tiny little rose bud into a big blooming flower, so the mass changes.

What is the mass of a puppy is it 2 kg or 2 g or2 mg?

2KG 1pound =2.2 kilograms

Would you use milligrams grams or kilograms to find the mass of a puppy?

I think u would use kilograms

What has puppy feet a puppy tail and a puppy head but is not a puppy?

When it is a DOG.

What is the unit to mesure of a puppy?

There is no "unit to measure a puppy"; however, there are units to measure specific PROPERTIES which may apply to puppies as well as to other things. Thus, there are units for length, mass, weight, density, albedo, etc.

What is the clip word of a puppy?

There is no clip word for puppy its is a puppy

What is the possessive noun for puppy?

puppy's Our puppy's foot is cut.

The difference from girl puppy and a boy puppy?

the way to tell the difference of a boy puppy and a girl puppy is that boy puppy's have a penis and testicles. A female puppy does not have a penis and testicles

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