What is a snake pit?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There are several meanings for 'snake pit'. This is the most common:

Snake pits were a historical means of imposing capital_punishment. Convicts were cast into a deep pit containing venomous snakes. They died from snake venom poisoning as the irritated snakes attacked them.

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Q: What is a snake pit?
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What do you call the place where snake lives?

Well, if it lives in the ground, its a snake pit. If its in the trees or otherwise I would say its a den.

What are the poisonous snakes in borneo?

I will soon be moving to Borneo and as a wildlife enthusiast I wanted to research some of the snakes I might encounter. Cobras: King Cobra (worlds largest venomous snake) over 13' long Sumatran Cobra Kraits: Banded Krait Yellowheaded Krait Sea sk: Yellow-Lipped Sea Krait Marbeled Sea Snake Amphibious Sea Snake (all sea snakes are venomous) Pit Vipers: Waglers Pit viper White Lipped Pit Viper Pope's Pit Viper Shore Pit Viper Cat Sks: Yellow Ringed Cat Snake (Mangrove Snake) Spotted Cat Snake Dog-toothed Cat Snake White Spotted Cat Snake Black Headed Cat Snake (all mildly venomous) Water Snakes: Dog-Faced Water Snake Corals: Blue Malayan Coral Banded Malayan Coral It's quite the list, all of these found in Borneo. Stay safe and don't attempt to capture these animals unless you are trained appropriately. Watch your step and enjoy your jungle adventure.

What isDeath Adder?

The 'Death Adder' is a species of venomous snake found in North America, a member of the 'Pit Viper' subfamily.

What is more poisonous the coperhead snake or cotton mouth snake?

The cottonmouth. Copperhead venom is mild compared to other pit vipers.

Can you eat a pit viper snake?

Their is many types of pit vipers first their is no such thing as a poisonous snake they are venomous some pit vipers have weak venom like copperhead snakes found in USA. The other Australian copperhead is not a pit viper it is related to cobras and mambas. Other pit vipers such as the eyelash viper found in central and south America have much more deadly venom

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What is a pit viper?

a pit viper is a snake

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What snakes begin with the letter m?

Here are some: Mamba Monocellate cobra Mozambique spitting cobra Moccasin snake Mangrove snake Milk snake Montpellier snake Mud snake Massurana Mulga Machete savane Mamushi pit viper Malabar pit viper Malayan pit viper Mc Mahon viper Mole viper

How can you cook a pit vipers?

You don't.. very deadly snake..if its a must that u eat snake...try rattle snake

What do pit viper snake eat?

Pit vipers - like the vast majority of snake species - are rodent eaters. They prey on animals such as rats, mice, voles etc.

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Is a pit viper a rattlesnake?

yes a pit viper is a venomous snake including rattlesnakes

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